The bowtie. This bold display of personality and style should have a place in every gentleman’s wardrobe. They key, however, is knowing when and where to pull it out, and of course, how to correctly tie one. So whether you’ve never learned how to tie a bowtie, or simply need a refresher, this STITCHED Guide will break down the process for you step-by-step.

Step 1

Lie the bowtie face up around your neck. It may be helpful to let one end of the bowtie hang about 1.5 inches longer, but it is ultimately up to personal preference. 


Step 2

Cross the two sides of the bow tie, forming an x, then bring the overlapping (longer) side underneath the underlying side and up through the neck loop.



Step 3

At the joint, fold the other side (the one you did not loop) to the right, then towards the left, to create the bow shape.


Step 4

Bring the looped side straight down over the middle of the bow shape.


Step 5

Pinch the folded bow together, and feed the middle of the dangling end through the loop behind the bow.


Step 6

 Pull on the folded parts of the bow to tighten, adjusting until balanced on both sides.





Having some trouble at first? YOU ARE NOT ALONE, but patience is a virtue. Trust us, it only takes a couple run-throughs to get it right. No need to make any rash decisions such as resorting to a pre-tied bow. A hand-tied bowtie is a statement piece, and an ode to the STITCHED mantra: Classic, with subtle hints of irreverence.

When rocking a bow tie:

  • Avoid pattern overload. A patterned shirt should be paired with a solid color or minimally patterned bowtie and vice versa.
  • A suit or tuxedo is not always necessary. However, throw on sport coat or suspenders to maintain a complete look.
  • People will notice. Rock it with confidence and swagger.

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