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Naked Silver Boxer Brief

Naked Silver Boxer Brief - Grey


Our Silver is built for endurance and comfort. You’re going places. Where? That’s up to you. But what matters most is that you are comfortable enough to go the distance. The Silver collection is made with 99.9% Pure Silver Bonded woven into the nylon threads, which makes this the most comfortable metal you’ll ever wear. This high-performance fabric is called X-Static, It will regulate your body temperature to keep you cool and chafe-free. It naturally offers anti-odor and antimicrobial protection. Because sometimes it’s not about the destination, but about how comfortable the journey is.

It’s 99.9% pure silver yarn gives Advanced Body Temperature Regulation so you can keep your cool.
Silver naturally inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria so you stay stink-free.
This Easy-Access-Fly is horizontally constructed for whatever’s on the horizon.
The strength of the silver thread gives this garment long-lasting underwear endurance.
Check out our FAQ for tips on taking care of your favorite Naked pair.

S = 28-30
M = 32-34
L = 36-38
XL = 40-42