Celebrate Father’s Day With a Memorable Father-Son Suiting Experience at STITCHED:
#1 Choose two XXXX Red Label ready-to-wear suits. ($1,500. Regularly $1,895)
#2 Just for dad: Buy a custom suit, get a complimentary custom shirt. ($1,795. Regularly $1,990)
#3 Custom suit for dad, matching suit for the young man. (2T to 20) ($1,895. Regularly $2,045)
#4 Two XXXX Custom 1-of-1 sport coats and two custom shirts. ($2,500. Regularly $3,180)
#5 Two XXXX Custom 1-of-1 suits and two custom shirts. ($3,000. Regularly $3,980)
All Father’s Day promotions include a complimentary Glenmorangie scotch tasting.

Email sam@stitchedlifestyle.com for more information or to schedule a custom appointment. Custom promotions include all “Lifestyle” fabrics. Limit one promotion per family. Cannot be combined with other promotions.

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