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2015 Oscars – Best Menswear Trends

As Hollywood’s hottest award show, The Oscars consistently draw stylistically-inclined A-Listers in a competitive scene of one-upmanship. So who won? We did. The stylists and fashionistas who were treated to a sartorial show. In the category of best menswear trends, the Oscar goes to…  By Jessica Bombard | Follow jbombyy on Instagram | Shop STITCHED Sport Coats and

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By Ronald Smith | Follow @stylesmithsays on Instagram | Shop STITCHED Suits | Follow @StitchedLife on Instagram 1. Childish Gambino – Clean Cut and Dapper that’s what he’s about! (thanks Pos K) Loving the fit and fishings on his grey 1 button shawl tuxedo with a crispy white shirt and black bow. The sockless slipper look is the BUSINESS. 2.


It’s the annual red carpet fashion show known as the Grammy Awards. Designers flex their creative might using A-List celebrities as canvases before the mysterious “committee” gives out some awards and Kanye West does something stupid to get attention. It’s interesting to see what rich and influential men choose for tuxedo attire, and this year even the women followed suit (see my colleague Jessica’s

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The Grammy Awards consistently draw the most dashing red carpet suiting style of the year. In the 2015 edition, ladies stole the show and made a resounding trend statement: the women’s power suit has arrived. Also read my colleague Ryan’s take on men’s fashion from the 2015 Grammy’s. By Jessica Bombard | Follow jbombyy on Instagram | Schedule a STITCHED custom suiting appointment | Follow @StitchedLife on Instagram Photo

STITCHED | XXXX Collection Red Label Davis/Newbury Tuxedo

New Year’s Eve is a big night. You’re ending one chapter and beginning another. The celebrations are swank, the champagne is flowing and the women are dressed beautifully. So how do you make your New Year’s celebration exceptional? You stand out by wearing the right suit or sport coat – one that fits your personality


Struggling to find gifts for the gentlemen in your life? You’re not alone. Men are some of the hardest people to shop for. Unless you’re looking for pricey electronics or a bland tie, big box stores won’t help the cause. But don’t let shopping-induced stress poison holiday joy. If you’re struggling to find a stylish gift for your

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8 Menswear Trends From NY Fashion Week

TITLE: ​8 Menswear Trends From New York Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2015 STITCHED​ S​tylist Christina Nicole reports on the SS15 trends at New​ York​ Fashion Week – ​stay up to date and follow her instagram style feed @stylevegas From ​contrast fabrics to sneakers with suits – eight key runway trends from ​#​NYFW Spring-Summer 2015. ​STREET CREDIT​


Weather report from the Las Vegas Strip: it’s f*cking hot. Your mission: scoop the hottest summer accessories and outshine the desert sun. 1. Tom Ford Shades – Unsurprisingly, the hottest American designer makes really good looking sunnies. Available in classic (metal frames) or modern (acetate frames). Not for the faint of pocket. 2. Stackable Bracelets

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Walking into STITCHED is a luxurious experience where a guy is made to feel like a Gentleman. At our luxury boutique you don’t walk into a space with clothing just hanging on rack; you walk into a Lifestyle. Upon entering not only are you greeted by a stylist; you are welcomed with brilliant options from



Julius Randle and Aaron Craft took a break from NBA Summer League play to talk style with Rick Fox. As part of NBA TV’s “After Dark” series, the rookies joined Fox at Stitched at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. They picked out new accessories to wear for opening night, while Fox shared some style advice: “The